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Top 3 Facebook Pet Travel Groups

There is a lot of pet travel Facebook groups.

have compiled our top 3 travel Facebook pages.

No 1.

Animal Travellers was set up by a woman called Lorraine Chittock. Lorraine is a real inspiration. Lorraine does not lead a conventional life and no matter where she travels and lives she always tries to commit to helping the local community and beyond. Her personal story of moving her 4 dogs by herself is incredible!! Lorraine started the group back in 2014 to help fellow dog lovers navigate the international requirements for pet travel. Lorraine herself has traveled extensively with her rescue dogs across land and sea going from continent to continent.

The group members comprise over 8,000 active members and have so many useful resources to tap into. The comments are also well monitored by Lorraine and her team and the advice given on the page, on the whole, is accurate and concise. I love the group's supportive nature. The questions asked are very varied and can be anything from how do I obtain an international health certificate for France to where is the best place to buy pet food in India?

No 2

This is a small group of 2.4k members but the community is very supportive and the advice is good and accurate. There are members from all over the world which makes for a very interesting read. The group was started by Marie Chiche back in 2019, Marie saw the need to help join the pet community together for advice not just for international travel but also for general advice on pet welfare. the group grew in size during covid when so many countries were shutting their borders. Marie has lived in many countries herself including the Congo, Turkey, and France, and has been heavily involved with rescuing animals which has successfully led to the rehoming of many pets. I really hope this group grows and grows as the

No 3

This group is aimed at UK pet imports. The UK does not allow pets to arrive in the country as checked luggage or with pets in the cabin. The group page says US to UK but really it is for anyone wanting to save money by moving their pet into Europe and traveling by land into the UK. By traveling this way many pet owners avoid Cargo and customs fees that they would incur if they flew pets directly into the UK. The group is very helpful but some of the responses by page members are outdated and inaccurate. The page does have great recommendations for land transport agents.

It is also worthwhile joining a local ex-pat group in the country you are looking to move to as they often have country-specific advise that you will find useful.

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