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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions for us please don't hesitate to contact us via WhatsApp or email.  We've tried to answer as many FAQ's as possible below.  We hope you find this useful!

How can I confirm that PRI is a legitimate company?

Thankfully, many of our clients come to us through personal recommendation, but even so we urge our clients to be cautious, vigilant, and to do their checks on us.  Most of all, if you have any doubts, please talk to us, we're happy to answer your questions.  You may find the following useful for checking us out.

1) Pet Relocation International LLC is verified by Trustpilot

2) Pet Relocation International LLC is verified by Google Business Profile (Google Search - "Pet Relocation International Sheridan") 

3) We are a registered company in the United States, you can check our company registration here

a) We will send you our certificate of good standing upon request

4) You can view our membership of the Animal Transport Association here

5) We are licensed by the United States Department of Agriculture's Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service.  You can find us in their database here, licence number 83-H-0001, reference row #11336

6) You can view our Facebook page here, and our Instagram page here.

7) You can view Elaine's profile here, and LinkedIn profile here

8) You can call and talk to Elaine on our landline number +1 (3030) 800 4507, or via WhatsApp here

a) We will only contact you from our landline telephone number or our WhatsApp account

b) We never make unsolicited calls to potential clients

c) We will only email you from or

d) You will not be contacted by any of our service partner companies (e.g. customs agents, pet handlers etc.) unless by prior arrangement and with your permission.

9) We do not ask for a deposit payment.  We only ask for invoice payment immediately prior to reserving and confirming your pet's travel.

10) To offer our clients consumer protection against fraud, we accept all major credit cards at an additional charge of 3% (the processing fee charged by our service provider).

What makes PRI different from other pet relocators?

With more than 20 years of experience as a corporate travel agent before becoming a pet relocator we know the airline industry inside out, we are travel experts, not just pet relocation experts.  This allows us to consider options and find solutions that others can't.

We have a global network and global reach, and we can provide a point to point relocation service almost anywhere in the world.  Perhaps the thing that distinguishes us most is that we are with you every step of your journey, we are personally on-hand 24/7. No matter what, we'll be there for you until you and your pet have arrived safely!

We are also one of very few pet relocation companies verified by Trustpilot, with 100% 5 star reviews.

We are experienced expats and international travellers and we know first hand what it's like to relocate with family and pets, and live in foreign lands.  We often check in with our clients long after their move, following their progress and providing informal advice and support if needed.

Should I use a local pet relocator?

Relocating pets internationally can involve several stages, and may involve multiple third parties.  Your arrival country can often require more coordination, and involve more agents and service providers e.g. customs brokers, handlers, movers etc. than the departure country.  We coordinate and manage every element of the equation from point to point, anywhere in the world.  We have a global network, and global reach.  Not all pet relocation companies are cut from the same cloth, international travel is global not local.

Is PRI a member of IPATA?

We are a member of the Animal Transport Association (ATA), and ATA is a member of IPATA.  The Animal Transport Association was established in 1976 and is senior to IPATA.  ATA is affiliated with The International Air Cargo Association (TIACA the The World Organisation for Animal Health (WOAH) and the International Air Transport Association (IATA)

Why should I use a pet relocator?

This depends upon the type of animal, the breed, size and nature of your pet, and where you are travelling from and travelling to.  At the simpler end of the spectrum preparing the best travel plan, booking the travel arrangements for you and your pet, liaising with the airline, and checking documentation may be all that is required.  For more complex jobs, we may need to apply for permits; liaise with government authorities; prepare documentation; liaise with airline cargo teams; arrange custom clearance; and organize transportation, handling and accommodation. For some airlines (particularly when moving pets as cargo), and for some destinations (such as Australia), using a professional pet relocator may be strongly advised or a requisite.  

As we have emerged from the Covid pandemic, air travel has been extremely challenging, with record numbers of cancellations and delays.  Restrictions and regulations change weekly and relying upon a pet relocation company can significantly reduce the uncertainty and anxiety of your relocation, allowing our clients to focus their time and energy on their own relocation plans.

How much does pet relocation cost?

PRI charge a fixed service fee, normally in the range $500 - $750. Our service fee depends upon the complexity of your travel needs. If you need to relocate more than one pet, we discount our service fee for the additional pet by 50% (i.e. $250 - $375 per additional pet).  

All travel costs and fees are provided in an itemized quote, there are no hidden costs or charges. As with all transport and logistics, the total cost of pet relocations varies significantly depending on your specific needs, the available options, and the demand for travel at the time of booking.  Our client promise is that we will work hard to find and negotiate the lowest costs for our client, and provide transparent itemised costs.  

First we discuss your specific needs.  We then provide an itemised quote and discuss that quote with you.  When everything has been agreed with you we finalize your quote so that you can make an informed decision.

What currency does PRI accept?

Our primary currency for invoices is USD.  By prior agreement only, we can invoice in GBP, SGD, EUR, CAD.

Can I pay PRI by credit card?

Yes, we accept all major credit cards; e.g. Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Diners etc.  (Please note that we add 3% for credit card payments to cover the additional processing fee charged by our service provider).

What forms of payment do you accept?

You can pay your invoice either by bank transfer in USD to our US bank account, or via credit card (an additional processing fee of 3% applies).  

Is there an advantage paying PRI by credit card?

Yes, payment receipt is instantly confirmed and provides our clients with a convenient deferred payment method.  In addition, credit card purchases usually provide consumer protection and insurance that allows you to claim your money back if there is an issue with the goods or services purchased.  For a more comprehensive review of the advantages click here.

I have obtained a quote from another pet relocation company, is it comparable?

We often see quotes from other companies that don't include all relocation costs.  Not all relocation companies are able, or willing, to offer all aspects of the relocation (e.g. customs brokerage and local transport).  PRI provide a complete relocation service, and include every cost element in our finalized quote.

Also, check that it is a like for like comparison.  For example, we always quote with fully flexible flight tickets (unless otherwise instructed), whereas others might quote non-flexible non refundable tickets.

We urge clients to be wary of low service fees.  No relocation company can provide a reliable and trustworthy relocation service for $100. A low service fee is a red flag for hidden charges and add-on costs!

How do I choose between different pet relocation companies?

Do your due diligence.  Does their website look professional?  Have they been verified by a trusted third party (e.g. Trustpilot)? Do they have a good reputation? Can you see verified reviews? Have they given you a free, no obligation, consultation? Are they licensed?  Are they certified by IATA - Live Animal Regulations? Are they a registered business?  

And most importantly - talk to your potential pet relocator before making any decision.  We invest a lot of time up front, free and without obligation, getting to know our clients and making sure they understand the process and feel confident and comfortable entrusting their relocation to us.

When do I pay PRI for my relocation?

If your pet is travelling on a commercial flight as carry on or extra luggage we typically require payment of our service fee when you instruct us to manage your relocation.  Payment in full is then required immediately prior to confirming your flights.  (Airlines no longer allow flight reservations to be held provisionally, and pets added to the reservation (they require full payment), which is why we require the payment from you prior to confirming flights.)

If your pet is travelling as cargo, we require a single payment only, usually one week before the scheduled departure date.

Does PRI provide a guarantee?

Yes, we guarantee our relocation service fee.  If we cannot fulfil the relocation we will refund the service fee paid, in full.  

If you cancel your relocation our service fee is not refundable, but we will credit the service fee for you to use at anytime within the following 12 month period.

Flight tickets can be refunded in full within 24 hours of booking confirmation only, thereafter flight tickets are not refundable (unless the client has requested fully flexible tickets).

We always book fully changeable flight tickets.  We offer fully refundable flight tickets if the client needs this level of flexibility.

All other costs and fees (e.g. vet fees, government fees etc.) already paid are not refundable.

When do I need to start planning for my pet relocation?

This depends very much on your location, the end destination, the type, breed and size of your pet, and their vaccination record.  We may be able to relocate pets at very short notice, and we do provide an urgent relocation service (subject to vaccination records). Typically you should allow at least one month.  For certain destinations such as New Zealand and Australia the preparation time is up to 7 months.  For specific advice, please get in touch with us!

Which countries do PRI relocate pets to/from?

Over the last year we have completed pet relocations to/from the United States (Texas, Florida, Colorado, Alaska, California, Wyoming, Georgia, Oregon, Arizona, Alabama, Wisconsin, Virginia, South Carolina), Canada, Europe (Portugal, Spain, Netherlands, Germany, Ireland), United Kingdom, Africa (Kenya, South Africa, Egypt), Mexico, South America (Argentina, Ecuador, Columbia, Venezuela), Central America (Costa Rica, Belize, Guatemala), Australia & New Zealand, and Asia (Myanmar, Malaysia, Indonesia (Incl. Bali), Thailand, Singapore, Philippines, Japan, South Korea).  


We have a global network and global reach. We can provide a point to point relocation service from/to almost anywhere in the world.

What happens if my plans change?

We understand that plans change and we are very flexible.  If you change your plans, we do not charge you any additional service fees, even if it means starting over.  

Things have been a little crazy in the aviation world as we slowly recover from the Covid pandemic.  Flight rescheduling, delays and cancellations are running at an all time high.  This is where more than twenty years of travel industry experience allows us to pivot plans and resolve travel problems.  We never turn our back, we always work it through and make sure you and your pet arrive safely.

As a rule, we book fully changeable flight tickets for our clients.  If you need additional flexibility or assurance, we can book fully flexible, fully refundable tickets.

Do you work with other pet relocation companies?

We do work with other reloctors, customers brokers and agents to manage the different aspects of international import and export, particularly when a pet is travelling as cargo.  Local contacts and service providers are a critical part of our global network, and help facilitate the safe transport of your pet.  PRI coordinates and manages all aspects of the relocation and our clients have full transparency of all costs.

What's the difference between in-cabin, extra luggage, cargo, chaperone and charter?

In-cabin means that your pet travels on your flight ticket with you in the cabin, usually placed under the seat in front of you.  This is suitable for small pets only and is the cheapest relocation option.  Airline restrictions may apply.

Extra-luggage means that your pet travels on your flight ticket, and they travel in a special area in luggage section in the cargo hold. This option is suitable for most pets but may exclude certain breeds and weight limits may apply.  This option is usually a little more expensive than in-cabin, but is a cost effective means of relocating your pet. Airline restrictions may apply.

Cargo means that your pet travels on its own flight ticket (called an Air Waybill), and they travel in a special area of the cargo hold.  This option is suitable for most pets, including larger animals and certain breeds that are considered "banned breeds".  This is usually the most expensive option for relocating pets with commercial air transport and requires professional support is relocating internationally.

Our chaperone service is for clients that may need the additional support and assistance of a travel companion, and for clients who cannot accompany their pet but want their pet accompanied either in-cabin or as extra-luggage. The cost of our chaperone service is often comparable to the cargo option, but provides additional reassurance and care.

For certain banned breeds and larger dogs, commercial air transport may not be possible.  Equally, a client may have specific travel plans that cannot be accommodated by commercial air transport.  Charter flights are private jets that are chartered exclusively for the client.  

Have a look at our home page summary here.

My pet is travelling as manifest cargo, is it safe?

Many of our clients are initially worried and reluctant to transport their pets as manifest cargo, rather than as extra luggage.  We totally understand, it doesn't sound very nice does it!  However, in our opinion transporting your pet as cargo can often be the best option;

1) The cargo hold is dedicated space for pets and animals that is climate controlled and pressurized

2) )It allows our clients to make more flexible travel arrangements, without the extra demands of travelling with their pet

3) Cargo handlers are trained to handle pets.  Some airlines and airports provide dedicated handling facilities for animals  

4) All countries will accept pets as cargo.  Not all countries accept pets as extra-luggage

What do I need to do if my pet is travelling as cargo?

Manifest cargo works very differently to the air travel you may be used to.  Pets are booked in and transported to the aircraft via a cargo handling terminal, by cargo handling specialists that liaise with airline and the airport's customs officers.  The whole process, from begging to end, requires professional knowledge, experience, and patience. We will arrange for your pet to be collected from you, and delivered to you at your final destination.  We will take care of the whole process for you!

Can my pet travel with me as a service animal or emotional support animal?

The definition of a service animal or emotional support animal is becoming more regulated with new regulations having been introduced in the United States and Europe.  The requirements vary by region, and airline.  For clients, we provide support and guidance tailored to your specific travel plans.  For those travelling independently, we recommend that you ask your airline for their specific requirements and checklist.

Can I book my own flight tickets?

Yes, of course.  However, we can often give you flight options that don't appear in a Google search, and at lower cost than internet fares.   Different airlines may provide better flexibility and service when it comes to pet transport and it is sensible to discuss this with us before booking flights. Equally, if there are any problems with your flight booking, and the addition of your pet, we are in a stronger position to resolve the issue when we have made the booking. Generally we encourage our clients to discuss their needs with us before booking tickets, but if this has already been done, we'll work with it!

I'm worried for my pet, will they be OK flying?

We will talk you through every step of the process, so that you know exactly what to expect.  We are here for you at every stage, from the beginning until you and your pet arrive safely at your end destination.  

Long distance flight travel for humans is often uncomfortable, stressful, and tiring, and it's the same for pets. We have a number of blogs and guidance notes to provide you with advice about how to prepare your pet for travel.  We'll talk you through the preparation and give you personalised advice.  Preparing your pet for travel will significantly reduce their stress and anxiety, and yours!

We track your pets journey from beginning to end.  If you aren't travelling with your pet, we'll keep you informed of progress throughout the journey.  In the unlikely event of any problems during travel, we're immediately on-hand to resolve the problem.

I'm a nervous flier and travelling with my pet really worries me, what can I do?

Firstly, we're here to support you and take away a lot of the uncertainty and anxiety of relocating a pet.  Secondly, communication is something we pride ourselves on.  It doesn't matter how much reassurance you need, or how many times you want to review the travel plan or discuss things, we're here for you and want to help.  

If you don't feel able to travel alone with your pet, and need additional support, ask us about our chaperone service. Alternatively, we can arrange for your pet to be collected from you before you leave, and delivered to your final destination when you've arrived.

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