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Relocating your pet.

Updated: Dec 31, 2021

How much does it cost to fly a dog/cat/pet internationally?

Transporting animals has always been a costly business. This is because the import and export of animals involves multiple companies working together to ship your animal overseas.

There are many components that are required when you send your pet by cargo and every piece of paper work relating to your beloved pet must be absolutely correct.

This involves the pet relocator having to be fully aware of all requirements of documentation from the country you are leaving and the country you are arriving to and also ensuring it meets all the airlines procedures and requirements too.


What to consider when transporting your pet.

You need to consider the health and well being of your pet before deciding on relocating them internationally. Most countries require a health certificate from a qualified veterinarian confirming your pet is fit and healthy to travel, without this endorsement you will not be able to transport your pet by air. Other considerations would be about your pets temperament. Does your pet get stressed easily? do they suffer from anxiety separation? is your dog nervous? relaying information about your pet to a relocation agent is very important as we are able to advise and put into place measures to help make your pets journey as stress free as possible.

Your pets vaccination record is just one of the components required in the process of getting them ready to travel internationally. Certain import countries also require your vet to complete a health certificate. Import countries rules on health certificates can be challenging for two reasons; firstly there is a restricted validity of the health certificate and secondly endorsement of the certificate is usually required from the exporting government. This is a time pressured process which has to be fulfilled giving plenty of time for the animal to travel and arrive at its end destination before the health certificate expires. Did you know that if you do not fulfill the country of imports requirements your pet can be refused entry and sent back to the original destination!


Every country is different!

It is also very important to note that every country in the world has different requirements regarding export and import of animals. A good example of this would be Singapore. The country has very strict requirements when importing and exporting dogs. Dog licences must be obtained for entry and exit of the country, Microchipping of the animal must be done along with a long check list of vaccinations, other health documentation and authorised government endorsed certification. The USA however has completely different requirements and can also vary from state to state. You must also consider the country you are moving to may not have English as their first language. Costa Rica for example is a Spanish speaking country and requires a health certificate to be in dual language of Spanish and English. Pet relocation companies have to be up to date and aware of each individual countries rules and regulations which are ever evolving.


Lets add Covid to the mix.

Covid has disrupted every part of our lives. It most certainly disrupted the airline industry and everything associated with it. Transporting pets has become increasingly difficult and expensive with the cost of pet cargo increasing significantly. We have seen airlines and airports shutting down on accepting animals. This has posed logistical challenges never faced before. This is where we really show how good we are as pet relocation agents by thinking out of the box and finding solutions to make sure our customers beloved pets reach their final destination happy and healthy!

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