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We do things differently! Why we feel we are the BEST pet relocation agent!

Updated: Aug 30, 2022

When I was quoted $1000's to transport my pet dogs internationally I literally fell over! How can the cost be so much? what factor is making the price so high?

There are two mechanisms Pet Relocation International can transport your pet when flying. Transporting your pet can be made either with you or without you.

If we transport your pet without you, it is going to cost, why? because your pet needs to be booked as cargo. Cargo is charged at a different rate to extra luggage. Cargo uses a different channel to move your pet. There are certain airlines that will not allow an owner to make a cargo reservation and will only allow pet relocation companies to make the bookings. Your pet will also require additional checks and an import fee to enter the country they are travelling to. All of these elements add up and that is why you can typically expect to be charged anything from $2000-$4000 to transport just a single medium sized dog.

If we book your pet to travel with you, Pet Relocation International can save you a significant amount of money! We are not just pet shippers, we are also travel agents! We firstly look into the best and most cost effective way we can fly both the client and pet. Pet Relocation International will then make sure the airlines pet policy allows for the pet to travel as extra luggage and advise the set fee for the pet. By travelling with your pet you are avoiding prolonged periods of time away from your animal. You are also avoiding additional costs incurred from paying cargo.

As an example, Flying a pet by cargo through a pet relocation agent will cost approximately $3500, Pet relocation can book a client and their pet dog from Canada to Costa Rica for under $1000! This service checks all the pets vaccination records, makes sure the health certificate is completed by a registered and certified vet in the exporting country, carries out all legal endorsement of paperwork and most importantly makes sure every detail required to move your pet has been meticulously checked!

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